When I got on Instagram a few years ago I quickly followed my family and friends. Eventually, I found the looking glass which seemed to serve me up a lot of hockey content. As time passed I noticed I was tapping on the posts of certain profiles so I started following them. Eventually, I started asking myself why I didn’t have a hockey-specific profile that shared my hockey journey. That’s when I got the idea for Washed Up Goalie.

I call myself a Washed Up Goalie not to pick on myself, or because I feel bad about myself, but to embrace the stage of the game of hockey I am in. I was inspired by Vintage Goalie’s brand to create a logo that was simple, yet portrayed the idea of a Washed Up Goalie. To accomplish this I took a blurry photo of me playing that my son took when he came to one of my beer league games at the Super Rink and turned it into a silhouette. I then recreated the old Cooper hockey brand font to spell out Washed Up Goalie. I loved that logo/font and felt that using it would indicate my age.

So a little bit about me. I played my youth hockey and high school hockey in Chicago and had a stint with a junior team. I then went on and played four years of JV D3 college hockey in Minnesota. I even spent a summer skating with pro players as they needed a goalie. These days I can be found skating on the ponds with my kids and backstopping a team of beer league hockey players. I’ve enjoyed every moment of my journey with this game, and have decided to share my current stage in the game with you.

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