Packing my hockey bag

I wish packing my hockey bag was this easy, but it’s not.

I had a little fun with some video editing software and created a stop motion video of me packing my hockey bag. It was also a fun little way to show what’s inside my bag since that seems to be a thing.

To make the video I obviously took everything out of my bag, then started moving everything a tiny bit, taking a picture, moving it just a little bit more, taking another picture, and continued this process for literally hundreds of pictures until everything was in the bag, and the bag was zipped up.

Once all the pictures were taken I uploaded them to my computer and dropped them all into iMovie. The photos imported into iMovie in the order that I took them so all I had to do was set the duration of each image. Once that was done I quickly previewed the video to make sure the image duration worked, then I dropped in some stock music to add to the production value of the video.

Making this video reminded me of the claymation stop-motion movies/shows we used to watch in school when I was a kid.

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