Outdoor Rink Fun

I got the chance again to skate outside with a good group of guys on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. I played well but felt old and stiff.

This was not a true outdoor rink. It is a refrigerated rink just outside a normal indoor rink with a shade sail roof to keep the snow off the ice during the wintertime. The sides of the structure are wide open to the elements though so you still have to battle the wind and sun at dusk and dawn.

For a pickup skate, there was a lot of skill out there. I got to skate with my buddy Landon from SotaStick too. The worst part of a pickup skate like this is I have to change ends after so many goals are scored on one side. The guys didn’t seem to care that it took an extra moment to get my GoPro set up each time I switched ends.

I did make some nice saves, a few two-pad stacks, and point-blank stops on breakaways that were fun.

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