Hosers vs Ole Piper Chiefs

Another tough week for the Hoser. I can’t blame it on my teammates though as I think this was the worst game I have played in years. It was one of those nights where even the pucks that hit me went in the net. Bad puck luck as some would say. I

know I am better than the way I played last night, but it has me wondering what is off with my game. I honestly think I am overthinking the game too much. I also think the division my team is in isn’t helping me any. I’ve played at higher levels, and when I skate up I play well, but at times I find it difficult to adjust my game to lower levels of play. When certain plays like a two-on-one happen I expect one of two things to happen, the puck carrier to shoot, or there to be a pass and a shot. That doesn’t happen in our division. There is a lot of indecision which leads to broken plays and overcommitment based on what I am used to. I’ll figure it out though and get back on track.

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