Hosers vs Caels Angels

So I forgot the memory card for my GoPro for the first game of the MNWAHL fall season, and the Hosers first with our sweet new SotaStick jerseys. I’m bummed I did too as I played well, and we won 4-2.

This week we played Caels Angels and still looked great in our new jerseys. I didn’t play bad as I stopped 26 shots, Caels Angels got some weird bounces, and I let in two goals I’m still stewing over in our 6-4 loss. One of the goals should have been an easy save, but the shooter used one of my own defenseman as a screen so I didn’t see the puck till the last second when it was too late to make the save. Another goal I was in position, but didn’t get my paddle all the way down to the ice allowing the puck to easily slide in under my stick.

What was encouraging from this game was the fact that the boys didn’t give up when down, and skated till the final horn. I’m already looking forward to the next game as we look to bounce back and move above .500.

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