Fill-In: Team Urtel vs. Team LeBlanc

I got the call again to fill in for Team Urtel as they played Team LeBlanc during their fall season. I felt good in the game, but still, let in more goals than I cared to, but we walked away with a tie, and they were pleased with that. They showed some tenacity, skating a full 60.

These are tough skates for me as they’re a skill level or two below the league my regular team the Hosers play in. When you are used to playing at one level you acclimate to different tendencies for different situations. When you skate down from that level you face those same plays and expect something to happen, but because of less confidence in skating or stickhandling those things do not happen. This pulls us goalies out of position and opens the net for easy goals. It makes us look bad even though we are not bad goalies. I find it much easier to skate up a level or two as things happen as you expect them to, just faster.

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