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Tendy Talk Episode 2 – Dustin “Bones” Smith

For the first real episode of Tendy Talk, I chat with Nashville Predators Emergency Backup Goaltender (EBUG) Dustin “Bones” Smith. On this episode, we talk about his journey from trying out to be an EBUG in Florida for the Panthers at an open tryout to wearing Tuukka Rask’s cup while being Nashville’s EBUG. We also talk about how being a Southwest Airlines employee affords him the ability to travel around to some great skates including one that brought him to Minnesota where he had his worst post game beer. It wasn’t that the beer was bad, it was that they were drinking in the parkinglot outside in Minnestoa in the middle of the winter.
We end the episode with a list of rapid-fire of questions that I intend to make a weekly feature on the podcast, asking all guests the same questions.
Be sure to follow Dustin on Instagram at @dembones_demones and enjoy the episode.
Music on this podcast is courtesy of The Zambonis.
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