Hosers vs 2050 Vision

Hosers vs 2050 Vision

This week’s game started off great with the Hosers scoring a goal in the opening seconds, and dominating play through the first period. I think I only saw 5 or 6 shots in the first period.

Despite the 1-0 score, it felt like the boys let off the gas, allowing 2050 vision to stay in the game as we were only able to score that one single goal in the opening seconds of the game.

A late empty-net goal after an unfortunate turnover sealed the deal on our first loss of the MNWAHL season.

My favorite save of the game was a kick save that evolved into a two-pad stack, into a Hasek-like barrel roll. With all that I was still able to keep the puck out of the net while making the three saves. The play of the game though was in the closing seconds of the game, down a goal with me on the bench for the extra attacker and the faceoff just outside the offensive zone. We win the face-off over to our defenseman who, we’ll blame the COVID break, goes to move but falls on his behind allowing an opposing player to easily pickup the puck, skate it down the ice and close out the game.

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