MNWAHL Double Header

MNWAHL Double Header

This past weekend I played a doubleheader. My team, the Hosers, had their regular league game, but it’s hunting season here in Minnesota so some teams needed extra players. One of those teams looking for extra players was team SotaStick.com whose goalie is an outdoorsman. There were about 2 hours between the games, so plenty of time to recover.

Game 1

My buddy Landon asked me to fill-in for his team, SotaStick.com. They are an explosive, energetic team, but we ran into a good goaltender that kept things close, and I was bitten by some weird redirect goals resulting in a loss. I was given a bottle of Pink Whitney as a thank you though.

Game 2

The boys skated hard this game. It was also my second game of the day as I filled in for team SotaStick.com earlier in the evening. I played well in both games, but there were some weird goals I’d like to have back.

Because this was my second game of the day my battery, unfortunately, died at the start of the third period, missing some stellar saves. Like the video?

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