Second String Leather Company Review Round 2

Product Review: Second String Leather Round 2

I first wrote about Second Sting Leather Company after I got a bifold 6-slot wallet made out of old Brian’s leg pads. I decided to write another review as I now have a 3-slot money clip and an Apple iWatch made out of an old pair of 1070s era brown leather Cooper player gloves.

Brian's Beast 6-Slot Bifold WalletOld Cooper Player GlovesIt all started when I saw a Second String Instagram post of the old Cooper gloves that looked just like a pair I had sitting in a bag in the garage. I replied that I had a pair just like that, then a short DM conversation later we agreed I’d send the gloves to them, and they’d send me that bifold 6-slop wallet.

I loved that wallet once it arrived. Possibly the best quality wallet I’d ever owned. Then the collection with the gloves I sent them dropped before Christmas and they had the 3-slot money clip with the Armadillo Thumb graphic right on the face of the money clip. I had to have it. I was also getting a new Apple iWatch, so I thought why not have a nice watchband made from the same pair of gloves.

Second String Leather Company Cooper Armadillo Thumb Money Clip

First observations of the 3-slot money clip. I’ve always used a bifold wallet. I didn’t think I’d like the money clip because I couldn’t put as much in there. The money clip forced me to carry less – only the essentials. It took about a day for me to love it. Half the time I think I forgot my wallet when I’m halfway to my destination because it’s so sleek.

Second String Leather Company Money Clip

Most important observation – the quality of this piece is top-notch. The stitching is strong and showing no signs of wear. The materials (the old gloves) are showing no signs of wear (which is good because I’ll use a wallet for 10-plus years), and I’m digging the money clip. I had never used one, but I like the ease of it even though I rarely carry cash, and if I do it’s only a few bucks.

Second String Leather Company Apple iWatch Band

And then there is the iWatch band. First off, it looks amazing. Second, the quality again is outstanding. I’ve worn this band for several months and have not noticed any signs of wear other than the leather forming the curve of my wrist. The band is adjustable to fit many sizes, but honestly, if you have thicker wrists you may have troubles getting it to fit. I’m sure this is something Joe and Zac over at Second String could accommodate if you fall into this category.

Second String Leather Company Appl Watch Wrist Band

My only real issue with the watch band is the I guess you’d call it pin used to hold the two sides together. I’m not sure of its material, maybe a hard plastic, but after a while, it can start to rub or dig into my wrist. Not too bad, but if worn all day can begin to be uncomfortable later in the day. I’m the kind of person that wears my watch 24/7. Being active I’ve adopted the regimen of wearing this watch band when I need to dress up, but the Apple watch band when I’ll be active and sweating or everyday use.

I know some people take issue with what the fine folks at Second String are doing to old equipment. I think what they are doing is neat, and executed with the finest craftsmanship. It’s being done with care and an intent to allow as many people the opportunity to own a piece of game-worn or vintage equipment as possible. If you’re into that kind of thing check out their ever-changing collections and treat yourself. Their prices might be higher than what you are used to paying for a wallet, but they are worth it.

Be sure to check out my episode of Tendy Talk with Joe and Zac from Second String Leather Company

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