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Wall Mounting Championship T-Shirts

When the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010 I almost immediately went online and bought a locker room t-shirt and hat. In 2013 and 2015 I repeated that process. Then in 2016 when the Cubs won the World Series after 108 years I did it again. The problem though is by 2015 my 2010 championship t-shirt was on the verge of looking ratty. I didn’t want to just toss the shirt, or maybe have it turned into a quilt I wouldn’t use, rather I wanted to display them on the wall in my office.

In 2015 I picked up two 14-inch square canvases from the arts and crafts store and mounted my 2010 and 2013 championship shirts on them. Recently I decided it was time to retire the 2015 Blackhawks Stanley Cup championship t-shirt so I documented the process.

T-shirt mounting supplies

Step 1

I gathered all the supplies I needed for my project.

  1. The t-shirt you are going to mount
  2. 14-inch square canvas (Hobby Lobby was out of these, but they had the individual parts to make a canvas)
    1. Because of the change in plans, I needed some wood glue to keep hold the frame pieces together
  3. Staple Gun
  4. Hammer

T-shirt mounting canvas bracket assembly

Step 2

Because Hobby Lobby didn’t have the ready-to-go canvas, I purchased the rame pieces to make my own canvas. These went together super easy with the mortise and tenon corner joints sliding into each other. I put some glue on each end before lightly tapping on the corners with the hammer to make sure they were as tight as possible.

T-shirt mounting canvas frame

After I had the four side pieces together I did use a speed square (not pictured) to make sure the corners were perfect 90-degree angles. Once I had this step completed, I set the frame aside for about an hour to let the glue dry so that the pieces wouldn’t move and be knocked out of square. If you are lucky and your craft supply store has the 14-inch canvases already assembled you can skip this step.

Cutting a t-shirt before mounting it

Step 3

With the frame assembled it is time to start with the shirt. This is also a tough step emotionally. Set the t-shirt logo down and simply cut straight up the back. DO NOT cut the front of the shirt. This step is needed so you can tightly wrap the shirt around the frame without having extra fabric bunching up on the backside when you go to hang it on the wall.

Centering a t-shirt on the frame for mounting

Step 4

With the back cut open drape the t-shirt on the frame logo side up so that you can position the logo in the middle and straight on the frame. Once you have it positioned, carefully hold the t-shirt in place and flip the frame over so the logo is again face down. and the fastening can begin.

Step 5

Affixing a t-shirt to the canvas frame

With the logo centered on the frame and face down, I like to cut what I know will be excess t-shirt (most of the back and the sleeves). From there I pull on side of the shirt taught, but not tight, and fold it over the frame. I then take my staple gun and start stapling along the frame, putting as many staples as needed. If needed I can pound any staples all the way in with the hammer if needed.

With one side attached, I go to the opposite side and pull the shirt so that it is tight, but not too tight that it is pulling at the staples. I thin place a staple in the center of the frame side piece and work my way outward. With two sides done you pick one of the remaining sides and repeat the process till all four sides are done.

When the shirt is completely attached the back will look pretty messy. I like to take the scissors and clean things up, cutting excess fabric as close as I can to the staples.


A collection of mounted Stanley Cup t-shirtsThe finished productStep 6

Flip the shirt, and you have an art piece ready to hang on your wall. I placed my 2015 Blackhawks Stanley Cup championship t-shirt next to my 2010 and 2013 t-shirts in my office. I’ll wear my Cubs World Series shirt awhile longer, but once I notice the first signs of wear it’ll joining the three Blackhawks Stanley Cup t-shorts on the wall in my office.

Try your hand at preserving your favorite t-shirts, and be sure to share them on social media and tag me.

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