Product Review: Bone Jack Designs 1990s Goalie Coloring Book

Bone Jack Designs Coloring Book My buddy Charles over at Bone Jack Designs whom I’ve had on my podcast Tendy Talk first sent me some line art coloring pages to post on the website for families to download and color early on in the pandemic when we were trying to fill time while locked down. Not long after he released an awesome coloring book of goalies of the 1990s in the awesome artistic design.

Bone Jack Designs Eddie Belfour and Kelly Hrudey Drawings

Knowing there was an Eddie Belfour page from his time with the Chicago Blackhawks wearing my all-time favorite setup of the Cooper Reactor 5s where he had the alternating black and white stripes I had to order one of these coloring books. Plus, at $12 how could I say no? Even better, the spread Eddie is on is with fellow Tendy Talk guest Kelly Hrudey.

Bone Jack Designs Coloring Book Back Cover

Almost as soon as it came in the mail I took it to my scanner and scanned each page because I knew I’d want to color each page in different colorways, and my daughter asked me to because she likes to color the same drawings in different ways.

The title of this coloring book says it is volume 1. I can’t wait to see what future volumes have in store.

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