Ice Jacks vs. PTBNL

With COVID still an uncertainty, and the Delta variant rearing its ugly head when it was time to sign up for the 2021 Fall MNWAHL season, my regular team the Hosers thought the mask mandate while skating would be coming back. At the same time, the Ice Jacks who I sub for from time to time was looking for a goalie as their regular goalie needed surgery. This gave me the opportunity to get back to regular weekly skates with something to play for.

Week one of the MNWAHL season pitted up against team PTBNL. I did not have a good game. After allowing three first-period goals, I let in three more over the next two periods. Down 6-3 with 10-minutes left to play in the game, the boys decided it was time to kick it into high gear and scored four goals to bail out my poor play. I’m hoping I can regain my normal net presence for week two’s game against the Flyers.

One thing I do appreciate about the Ice Jacks is not only their ability to score but their defensive play. I am lucky to see 20 shots a game (something that I find difficult – I thrive on seeing a lot of rubber), unlike when I play for the Hosers and usually see close to 40 shots a game.

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