Ice Jacks vs. Flyers

Week two of the MNWAHL season with the Ice Jacks was much like week one in that I am fortunate to be playing for a team that scores a lot of goals so we again claimed victory. I didn’t play terribly, but I still let in eight, yes eight, goals. Four of the goals were off rebounds. Sure, I can argue my defense should have tied guys up, but the reality is I need to do better with rebound control, or even better not allow a rebound.

I knew I was playing well when I made one big save and an opposing player said, “Come on man, you can at least let us have one.” I reminded him they already had five at that point. I’ve always felt that when a team has put some goals on the board, but they still feel like you are shutting them down you are not playing as bad as you think you are. This was one of those nights.

As we move into week three I hope my performance the first two weeks is just me being rusty from not having regular skates as of late. We will wait and see.

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