Hockey Finder Fill-In

I got a mid-day text asking if I could skate later that day as a fill-in for a HockeyFinder.com game at the Super Rink later that evening. Fortunately, I had nothing going on so I was able to get some extra ice time and work on some of my many flaws at the moment.

I felt good early in the game, and the team I was subbing for did a great job controlling the puck. They did a great job of limiting shots too. Unfortunately, the opposing team had one ringer who seems to think the Live Barn video goes directly to NHL scouts who did a great job at creating scoring chances and capitalizing on them. I let in five goals, but two of them were just beauties that I can’t be mad at. Another was poor rebound control, one a poor read, and the third just poor execution on my end.

It is funny in that I feel like I’m playing well right now and feeling the puck fairly well, but more goals than I care for are being scored on me. I’m being patient, and know it’ll come.

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