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This week’s MNWAHL scheduling was a bit hectic. We were supposed to play at 5:10, but the early time caught a lot of guys off-guard. As we scrambled to find players, another team was in the same predicament with a 7:10 start time. We were able to combine forces and get a game played.

I subbed for team SotaStick.com and my buddy Landon. The team played well, outshooting and outworking the other team. I didn’t play bad. I actually felt better than some of the previous games. I made some minor adjustments, keeping my hands out further rather than where they’re comfortable, standing a little more upright allowing me to move a bit more ease. I even made some big saves. I think the biggest adjustment I’m having to make is getting used to seeing fewer shots. I’m used to 35+ shots a game but have only been seeing on average 20 so far this season. I am finding it hard to get in a groove.

All that being said, the opposing goalie played a fantastic game, and deserved the win.

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