Ice Jacks vs Kreme da la Kremlin

The Ice Jacks returned to the win column, and I even played pretty solid. After making small adjustments last week, I felt more confident in the net. It helped that my glove was working too as I made two windmill saves. I did let four goals in, but none were terrible goals like in previous weeks. There are things I could have done differently to stop the puck, but they weren’t bad goals.

It was nice to win a close game too and earn some confidence from my team. After a rough first three games of the season as I fill in this fall season, I could tell the team’s confidence in me was lacking. At the end of the day they’re just happy they have a goalie who will show up every week because they know they have the scoring power to win a game despite a goalie’s bad play as long as they have two full lines. That is until the playoffs roll around and they’re potentially playing in the championship game.

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