Ice Jacks vs PTBNL

In our second MNWAHL Fall Season matchup against team PTBNL we were again victorious, but it was again a high-scoring affair. We won the season opener 7-8, and this time around it was 10-8.

I need to tighten up my rebound control as three goals were direct results from poorly placed rebounds right to the sticks of PTBNL players. There was another goal that came off a breakaway where I made a good effort and even got most of the puck, but it still found its way into the back of the net. I’m lucky that the Ice Jacks are loaded with firepower up and down the lineup to bail me out in these games. I just hope that I find my game before the playoffs start.

Winning is helping me stay positive through this slump of mine, but I need to straighten things out here soon. What I really need is an old school practice like I had in high school in college. I’d love a Monday practice from college where it was all individual skills which meant a lot of 1-0 rushes and shots from the point.

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