Ice Jacks vs Stacked Like Pancakes

The Ice Jacks improved to 5-1 in league play (5-3 if you look at the standings due to two forfeits), no thanks to me. My struggles continue with goals I feel I should have. One of my teammates was probably right when he said I’m in my own head and overthinking things. Luckily the boys can score, and score they did in our 8-6 victory to avenge our 11-4 loss to Stacked Like Pancakes earlier this season.

This game turned out to be my last game with my 21-year-old Vaughn Legacy leg pads and gloves though. My new set of custom Vaughn V9s with retro Legacy graphic arrived a few days later. I just wish I could have given the old pads a better last skate. At least we had good beer in the locker room after the game though.

Being a goalie my team doesn’t charge me to play so I decided to bring beer – and not the cheap stuff either. I picked up the Miracle On Ice Golden Ale brewed locally by Lift Bridge Brewery. My teammates are used to Bush Light after games so they were impressed with my selection. Several were asking where they could get it, and all liked it. Unfortunately, they liked it so much I went home with an empty cooler.

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