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Tendy Talk Episode 66 – Eddie Lack

For Episode 66 of Tendy Talk presented by the BLPA Podcast Network and The Hockey Podcast Network, I chat with Eddie Lack a goalie whose name I had written on a list of goalies I wished to have on the podcast before I started. Eddies outgoing personality attracted me to him as a guest, but being a Sweedish player assimilating to North America, his affinity for Tacos, playing with the legendary Roberto Luongo, and now his ventures into real estate had me wanting to ask him so many questions.

The episode is shorter than most as we connected over the work lunch hour, but I still had a chance to ask some questions and get some great stories out of Eddie. Who knows, maybe I can have a part two if we get together when my family heads to Arizona for Spring Training.

Be sure to follow Eddie on social media, and enjoy the episode.

Music on this podcast is courtesy of The Zambonis. (http://thezambonis.com)

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