Beer League Beer Review | Coors Light

For week two of the MNWAHL season we told the new guy he was on beer duty. Well, the new guy showed up to the game and forgot the beer. The entire locker room gave him a disappointed glare. He promised to bring beer for week three, but I wound up sick with COVID so I’m not sure if he brought beer or not. I did still get some beer though as I skated shortly after our game with the Ice Jacks, a team I’ve filled in for occasionally, and even played the entire fall season with as their goalie had surgery.

For this second game of the night, one of the players brought an old reliable Coors Light, and the mountains were blue. Coors Light is an American Light Lager that to me is almost the perfect post-game beer.

When cold, Coors Light is a crisp, refreshing drink that is void of any hoppy bitterness and isn’t overly carbonated. Craft beer aficionados might joke that it’s darn near water, but I think that is what makes it such a refreshing post game thirst quencher. This might be why Coors Light is probably the beer brought to games more than any other game for my team.

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