Beer League Beer Review | Bent Paddle Pilsner Lager

This week the cooler in the locker room was again filled with an assortment of beers. I pulled a Bent Paddle Brewing Company Pilsner out of the cooler. Bent Paddle is a brewery out of Duluth, MN. I’ve had several of their beers, and they are pretty good. The pilsner has a 5.0% ABV. It has a bit of a sweet taste for a pilsner, but not overly carbonated like some can be.

I like this beer and because I’m a craft beer snob I’ll grab this one over a domestic lite beer out of the cooler in the locker room every day, but the truth is it’s a little heavier for a post-game beer than most that I’ve rated already. It’s perfect for a warm summer day when you are relaxing on the deck or watching the boards go by from the dock.

If you bring a cooler with a variety of beers, and this is one of them you will quickly find out who the craft beer guys are on your team because they will be the ones pulling it out, looking at the can as they read the specs, and enjoying the beer as opposed to the guys who just like beer and grab what they know.

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