Highlights from my Easter Sunday men's league hockey game.

Easter Sunday Game Highlights

My men’s league team, The Hosers, had an Easter Sunday MNWAHL game so I brought my GoPro and affixed it to the glass behind my net to capture some of the highlights from the game. I didn’t lay an Easter egg, but it is a nice little highlight video of the game in which we won 4-3, beating the second-place team the oddly named Ancorail.

Somebody asked to see my warm-up footwork so I start the video off with that, as well as a nice windmill glove save from warmups. I was also able to show off my flexibility on more than one occasion, and my reflexes were tested with a pass to the point where a shooter was standing all alone. That save had an old-school flair as I kicked my leg out and swing my stick up to make the save. I even stacked the pads during one scrum in front of the net. It is always fun to incorporate a two-pad stack into my save selection during a game. It always gets comments from opposing players.

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