Ice Jacks Fill In

I had a doubleheader last night as I had my regular MNWAHL league game, then filled-in for another team, but forgot to clear my memory card on my GoPro for my first game so it recorded warmups only. I cleared the card between games and got video of me playing as a fill-in for another team. Both games ended in ties.

I don’t know about other goalies, but when filling in for teams I feel a little added pressure to perform. I feel as though this team got my name/number from somebody who said good things about my abilities so when I walk into the locker room they’re expecting me to be good. In terms of filling in for the Ice Jacks, their team captain is an old teammate of mine so he knows my true abilities when he calls me, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the team isn’t expecting me to be a ringer (even though I am playing up a division when I skate with the Ice Jacks).

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