Hosers vs. Cels Angels Highlights

This is the third game in a row that has ended in a tie for me. I know I could have played better, but my team did their part and at least salvages a tie as the Hosers tied Caels Angels in MNWAHL play.

Games like this are a good reminder to goalies that we can complain all we want about our teammates in games that we play well and steal a game where our teammates did nothing to help in the winning effort other than muster up one more goal than the other team, then there are games like this where our teammates played a fantastic game but we were less than adequate at stopping the puck.

We have to remember that hockey is a team sport and we succeed or fail as a team, not individuals. One game it might be your captain who does the heavy lifting, another it might be you. The same holds true to the one dropping the ball. We all take our turns

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