Ice Jacks vs Lightning Bolts Highlights

I got a call to fill in for the Ice Jacks this weekend for their summer MNWHL game against the Lightning Bolts. It was fun to get some ice time as my team takes the summer off and I hadn’t skated in a while. I’m always worried about how I’ll play when I haven’t skated for some time, more so when that skate is to fill in for another team. In this game, I didn’t play too bad as we recorded a victory.

Skating with the Ice Jacks means skating in a division above the one I play in with the Hosers. The pace of play is noticeably quicker, passes are crisper, and hockey plays happen the way somebody who has played at a higher level expects them to, like a two-on-one when a player passes the puck you know a shot is coming.

I was able to make one awesome save where the rebound kicked out to my blocker side and the shooter followed up as he skated by, but I got the paddle of my stick down and stopped the puck on the goal line.

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