Washed Up Goalie Ice Jacks vs Cobra Kai Highlights

When the Ice Jacks called asking if I could fill in for their MNWAHL summer league game I was happy to say yes and get some more ice time during a time that I don’t get regular skates in. When I looked at their opponent for the week, Cobra Kai, I got a little nervous that they’d be a high-powered team peppering me with shots.

My fears of Cobra Kai’s abilities went unfounded as the Ice Jacks won the game 11-2 leaving me little work to do on my end of the ice. Despite the light workload, I still made some nice saves, having an active glove that snagged several pucks out of the air.

As the Ice Jacks piled on the goals, team Cobra Kai started to get a little chippy. First, they started with some active sticks, an extra wack here and there, then the chirping in the corners and after whistles, then a few incidents of pushing and shoving after the whistle. The Ice Jacks did a good job of keep things focus and not getting pulled into the chippiness.

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