All Roads Lead to the Beer League

They say all roads lead to the show, but in my case, and as Kane Van Gate prophesizes, all roads lead to the beer league.

As I’ve been playing around more with my GoPro I can’t get enough of the timelapse feature. Seriously, I’m always doing time-lapses of clouds, storms rolling in. Before leaving for this week’s MNWAHL game I decided to attach the GoPro to the windshield to do a timelapse of my road to the beer league. Here is my drive to the Super Rink.

Like most athletes, I have a music playlist I listen to when making this drive. I know how long the drive is (taking into account getting stopped at stoplights), and have the list so it starts out chill but picks up tempo the closer to the rink I get. What does your pregame drive music playlist look like? Do you even have one? Heck, is your drive even long enough to need a playlist? My drive to the Super Rink takes 35-40 minutes on average.

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