Ice Jacks vs Cobra Kai Playoff Game

The Ice Jacks called me back for the second round of the summer MNWAHL playoffs as we faced off against Cobra Kai, a team we beat handily two weeks prior to close out the regular season. Cobra Kai wasn’t happy with how that previous game went down and got a little chippy throughout this game, but we again finished them, showing no mercy (If you don’t get the reference I don’t think we can be friends).

I wasn’t called upon to make a lot of saves, but I still had to make some tough saves, some through traffic or being bumped into either on purpose or accident. There was one save in particular where the rebound popped out to the slot and I was already down, but managed to make a desperation save that was part two pad stack and part just throwing limbs in the way of the puck. All that matters though is the final score of 11-2.

Good luck to the fellas in next week’s summer D league championship game.

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