Pickup Hockey

Corey from The Goalie Guru sent me a DM asking if I wanted to play a pickup game at a nice little barn on the west side of the Twin Cities where the Blake Bears play. Blake is a prep school on the west side that even made an appearance in The Might Ducks D3 as one of the JV team’s opponents. They were the ones that battled back for a tie that left the team’s scholarships in question.

I can say this is one of the best pickup games I’ve played in in years. The makeup of players for this skate was awesome – guys who played some form of NCAA college hockey, junior hockey, and one or two that played pro hockey at some level. There were no ankle benders in this group. All passes were crisp tape to tap passes. The hockey sense this group had too was nice. I haven’t been to a skate like this since maybe college where us goalies can anticipate plays and they actually happen because players are not missing passes or having trouble stickhandling.

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