Buttendz Application

I picked up a Buttendz Sentry grip on Black Friday from Pure Hockey. Applying it to a wood foam core Warrior goalie stick wasn’t as easy as they make it look on the compost stick on other videos. It took some muscle, grunting, cursing, and taking a break because I was getting frustrated, but I got it on and am loving it. Look for a full review in 2019.

Here is what I learned about applying a Buttendz grip to a wood stick; you need a lot of lubricant. Not just what is provided in the packaging. Find some Dawn dish soap, apply it to your stick, use the provided lubricant on the inside of the grip – all of it. Once you have lubricated the inside of the grip, press it together and roll it around in your hands to endure every last bit of surfacing is coated in it. With both the grip and the wood stick well lubricated it will slide on easier – not easy like in the videos, but easier.

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