Outdoor Rink Pond Hockey Fun

I had the chance to play a little outdoor hockey at a great rink in St. Louis Park, MN this week. Well, it’s not an all-out outdoor rink. This rink is refrigerated with a shade sail roof to keep the snow off the ice and has stands for spectators (of which we had none), but the sides are open up to the elements like wind, cold, and sun glair.

It was a good skate with some guys who could really skate and had good hands, but they had us goalie switch ends half way through, and of course that’s when I made my best saves so they weren’t picked up on my GoPro which I had mounted on the outside part of the glass. Because of the cold, my GoPro fell down when a puck hit the glass during warmups, but somebody walking into the rink next door was nice enough to mount it back on the glass for me.

To make matters worse the GoPro fell down later in the skate when I returned to the end it was on missing more of my saves – or attempted saves.

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