Hosers vs Anchorail

This was a tough way to start the MNWAHL winter season. Not only did I face 60 shots, but I let 9 of them in and almost got into a battle with a player on the other team who kept pushing at my feet and chirping at me in our 9-2 loss to the Anchorail. Somehow I had fun in the game, I just wish the outcome would have been different.

I know I am not alone when I say this, but games where you are peppered with shots are much easier to stay focused in than ones where you might only see 20 shots. You just get into this zone of reacting where you are zeroed in on the puck. It’s like one of those fight scenes in a movie where mayhem is going on all around the main character, but everything slows down while they appear to easily focus on the next danger and take care of it. That is how a game where you see 60-plus shots feels to me anyway.

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