Hosers vs. Coming in Hot

This week’s game against Coming in Hot was a little tamer than the previous week’s MNWAHL winter season game. Rather than playing a team where they had a player I was ready to drop the gloves with, this one was a team of polite guys who made sure to avoid making contact with me, and when they did were apologetic even though all contact was coincidental. I also saw half the number of shots which made for an easier week (although I do like seeing a lot of shots). Even better we won the game 3-2 with me stopping 30 shots.

This was a nice win for the Hosers as I feel Coming in Hot is a more skilled team and would beat us in a seven game series. They are a fast team with good hands that take a lot of high danger shots rather than waiting for the perfect shot that may not. Rebound control is very important when playing a team like this, and kudos to my defense for tying up sticks in front of the net in this victory.

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