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Product Review: The Goalie Guru

The Goalie Guru packagingI was playing in the inaugural Sota Stick Hockey Classic this fall, when after defeating team The Hockey Arsenal (sorry, I had to say we won), I was handed this funny looking contraption. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but read the packaging, and couldn’t wait to try it out. This oddly looking obtuse triangle piece was to go on the paddle of my goalie stick to help me have better control of my stick.

The truth is I couldn’t have tried this at a better time. The week prior I came down on my stick hard, pinching my pointer finger between the edge of the paddle and the ice, causing quite the blood blister. I was starting to think about notching a trigger grip into my paddle, but I am not fond of messing with my stick in that manner as it’s pretty hard to recover from a bad cut. The Goalie Guru on the other hand simply glues onto the paddle (with the included glue), and after some set time you’re good to go.

The Goalie Guru attached to the paddle

Let me back up though, and explain what it is supposed to do. The Goalie Guru I supposed to give you increased stick control buy giving your index finger a barrier to give that control of a trigger grip. I’ll be honest, I had a few setbacks as I tried to use The Goalie Guru, but I believe it was user error.

The first time I attached The Goalie Guru to my 5 year old Bauer Supreme foam core stick, it fell off while pulling my sticks out of the car. I then sanded down the area I was attaching it too, realizing there was five years of grime on the stick that probably negatively impacted the adhesive property of the glue. My second attempt, I placed it in a spot that wasn’t comfortable once I put my blocker on, so I pulled it off during warmups. *Don’t just pre-place The Goalie Guru bare handed, put your blocker on, and pre-place it.

I was at a skate with the creator of The Goalie Guru explaining my troubles with him when he gave me the newer model he came out with that has small voids on the face of the tool to allow the glue more adhesive surface. I was also working at 3M at the time so I talked to one of the adhesive experts there what they’d suggest I use to hold The Goalie Guru onto my stick – he recommended a construction epoxy.

At the same time all this was happening I bought a brand new Warrior foam core stick. I prepped the paddle with a light sanding, got my epoxy, and attached The Goalie Guru. At my next skate I wasn’t even on the ice before I made up my mind that I love it. Once on the ice though, making a few saves I was convinced – it’s worth the money.

The Goalie GuruWhat I learned along the way is a good surface prep is key. Don’t just wipe the paddle down to remove any dirt or oils, but sand the area you are attaching The Goalie Guru to, then wash it real good again. Crazy glue comes with The Goalie Guru, and probably works great with a composite goalie stick, but if you are using a wood or foam core stick and are having troubles keeping it on, use most any construction epoxy.

Before you cut into your paddle to create a trigger grip, give The Goalie Guru a try.

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