Hosers vs. MN Freeze


Tough #MNWAHL Beer League Hockey game last night. The boys played well last night, but I let in some that I should have stopped. Simply put, I let my team down last night and we lost 6-3 to the MN Freeze – a team we can and should beat.

One goal was simply the fault of miss-communication, or no communication at all when I lost the puck after making a save and a MN Freeze player was standing all alone with an open net when it settled on the ice, ready to tap it in for an easy goal.

While I blame myself for the loss when watching the game replay I see my play wasn’t as bad as I thought it was right after the game. I made some nice saves, I just know I could have been better on the shots that ended up in the back of the net. The beauty of the beer leagues is that there is another game the following week to redeem ourselves. I’ll just have to reflect on what I could have done better till then.

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