Hosers vs Frozen Debt Stars

Another tough MNWAHL winter season beer league hockey game this weekend for the Hosers. We started off strong but played a lazy second half squandering a victory, and settling for a tie with Frozen Debt. We need to adopt the Red Line Radio motto of #AllGasNoBreaks for the entire game.

I had an active glove in the game, snagging some pucks out of the air, even displaying a windmill or two. On one breakaway I pulled out a sliding two-pad stack poke check to turn away the shooter.

Upon watching the replay of the game I have to give credit to my defense for being active in clearing the front of the net and clearing out several rebounds. They could have done a better job of tying up opposing players in and around the net, but they were attentive to rebounds which was nice for a change.

On the flip side, I’m always baffled when we play Frozen Debt. They’re a beatable team, but we seem to play down to their level rather than playing our game and beating them.

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