Tobogganing Fun

With all the snow we’ve gotten recently, how could I not take the toboggan out for some fun on the hill in our backyard? I even had a friend join me.

Some may ask why we did this in full goalie gear, but I simply respond by asking why not? I mean on one run we almost hit a tree. Had we not been wearing our goalie equipment Lord knows the injuries we may have sustained.

The worst part was coming back up the hill. Not only did I have to fight the snow depth, but my friend couldn’t get up the hill on his own so I had to pull him up the hill on the toboggan. Yea – that’s why we didn’t do too many runs down the hill. We did have fun though, and that is all that matters.

We had another lil goalie who was going to join us for this tobogganing fun, but he wound up having a game his team needed him for. Maybe next time.

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