Product Review Buttendz Sentry Grip

I first came across Buttendz grips at the Let’s Play Hockey Expo in St. Paul, MN, three years ago. I meet Rob at the booth, and when I told him I was a goalie he quickly grabbed the Sentry grip to show it to me, explaining that it was inspired by Johnathan Quick’s grip/knob. I loved the concept, but hadn’t bought a new stick in a few years, so I couldn’t justify the price, then the hassle of removing the tape from my current grip/knob.

Fast-forward to Black Friday this last year when I went to Pure Hockey, and picked up a brand new Warrior Swagger Pro LTE Foam Core stick. Since I got a good deal on the stick, I figured I had no excuse for not getting a Sentry grip. I’m not sure what I was more excited about – my first new stick in a number of years, or the Buttendz grip.

When I got home I opened up the Buttendz Sentry grip, read the instructions, then started applying the grip. I expected this to be a quick application based on the YouTube videos I watch, but I noticed all the videos were using composite goalie sticks, not wood shaft foam core sticks. I learned quickly – as you can see in my video below, that the grip takes quite a bit of persuasion and muscle to be applied. It took some time, but I got the grip on – then applied my Goalie Guru grip, and taped the blade with some Howies Hockey Tape.

After getting my stick all ready for the ice, I curiously grabbed my old stick, and compared my old taped up knob and grip to my new Buttendz Sentry grip. As you can see it couldn’t be any closer of a match. The once difference was that on my taped grip I had the finger grips for added grip, but the Sentry doesn’t have that. I was worried that this would be a noticeable difference to me. After the first skate though, I noticed that the materials of the Sentry provided plenty of grip.

I’ve used the Buttendz Sentry grip for a few months now. I can honestly say I love it. I get the grip I desire when playing the puck, and when I poke check the knob is big enough to keep the stick from flying out of my hand. I talked to Rob at this year’s Let’s Play Hockey Expo about options for a grip where the paddle meets the shaft. In the past he had mentioned that goalies are using other grips like the Twirl88 grip, cutting a bit off so it sits right at that junction where the paddle meets the shaft. If I ever buy a composite stick I will do this, but can’t imagine pushing one of those grips down the shaft of a wood stick with the troubles I had just getting the grip on the end of the stick.

Next time you buy a stick, do yourself a favor and pickup a Buttendz grip to top it off. You won’t be sorry.

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