Hosers vs GMI Generals

The long MNWAHL winter season continues for the Hosers. If I were a sports psychologist I’d say the boys know this is a lost season and have stoped giving it all they can every shift. We lost 5-2, and I place the blame of three of those goals squarely on my shoulders.

Back to that sports psychologist comment, I think I know the only hope for a win most nights is for me to steal a game, and I’m making mistakes by overcompensating. I’ve read about star players playing on bad teams (no, I am not calling myself a start player), and their production goes down. It’s often attributed to those players trying to do it all – to put the team on their shoulders and carry them to victory the way only a few elite athletes have been able to do. I am not one of those athletes.

A fun change from other games, the Generals goalie Shawn had his GoPro inside his net, and posted his highlights on his YouTube channel. His highlight video is a little more entertaining than mine for this game.

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