Hosers vs M&G Trailers

Big 1-0 win this week vs M&G Trailers, but it was a forfeit win as our opponent didn’t have a goalie. They said they had to cut their regular goalie a few weeks prior because he was a bit of a hothead, and the final straw was when he smashed his goalie stick over the net, then left the ice mid-game. Since then they’ve been finding subs to play but were unable to secure one for this week’s game.

While we won the game before the Zamboni ever hit the ice, we all agree to at least have some fun and play some pickup hockey. I think it was good for my team to have some fun with the season we’ve been having. With no pressure on me, I relaxed a little too, made some nice saves, and took chances I normally wouldn’t have because I knew it wouldn’t impact the scoreboard.

I did almost injur one of my own teammates though when he had a breakaway and I rushed him like Hasek making a sliding two-pad stack poke check. Luckily he came out of it unhurt and laughed about it after the game.

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