Product Review: Vaughn Legacy B 4000 Blocker

Wrapping up my Vaughn Legacy 4000 line reviews I present my thoughts on the Legacy B 4000 blocker. Some say a blocker is just a blocker. I picked this blocker up the same time as the T 4000 catch glove in March of 2000. This blocker replaced the iconic looking Legacy 2 blocker with that great ‘V’ graphic.

The only modification I made to the blocker was to snip off the mesh netting that covered the white areas on the blocker. I made this modification after a few months as pucks were tearing the mesh, making it look rough. I think the mesh would have held up to beer league or rec hockey shots, but it wasn’t a match for college hockey – even if it was D3 JV.

The palm of the blocker is leather, and just this year started to show major signs of wear. With as much action this blocker has seen, I would have expected it to require a re-palming years ago. Even with the wear, there is only a small spot where my fingers are coming through the palm. You can also see some wear on the tip of the thumb.

The blocker board is thick compared to today’s standards, but was standard for the day. The board has a slight curve at the top. This is also where the most wear has happened. The edges of the plastic within started to to tear away the face of the blocker from the seam. I took my blocker to George’s Hockey Repair in St. Paul, MN, and they did a great job fixing the issue. If you are in the Twin Cities, and need equipment repairs, this is the place to go. There is a reason NHL players bring their stuff there.

At the end of the day this blocker has been good to me. It has held up well considering the amount of use over the almost 20 years I’ve used it. Eventually I’ll replace it, but I doubt any of the newer blockers have palms that’ll last like this one.

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