Hosers vs Frozen Debt Stars Semifinals

Well, the clock struck midnight on our Cinderella run in the MNWAHL winter playoffs, and we lost in the semifinals 6-3 to the Frozen Debt Stars.

I played OK, but feel I could have stopped some of the goals I allowed and had I, the game would have looked different. It was also an interesting game in that the other team had a player who up-ended one of our players (the only cop on the team) along the boards, then went a little crazy on him. The cop didn’t take any of his nonsense and dropped him to the ice – all without throwing a punch. After said player got ejected (both players did), he wasted almost two more minutes getting off the ice by taking his sweet old time, chirping at the ref, our bench, and even his own team’s bench, so his team got a delay of game penalty too. Later in the game they had two more players ejected for mouthing off to the refs.

After the game we got a good chuckle about the incident.

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