2019 MNWAHL Top 10 Saves

The 2019 MNWAHL winter season was a trying one in that the team didn’t play consistently, but we came together at the end of the season and made an improbably run to the semifinals. Having recorded all games with my GoPro setup behind my net I’m able to share a compilation of the 10 best saves from the season.

While I title the video the Top 10 Saves of the 2019 Winter Season, I added more than 10 saves, including honorable mentions as well. The number of two pad stacks on this compilation was fun to see. I thought I’d see more split saves or windmills, but the two pad stack took the cake. The number one save on my list still bugs me that my defensemen let the opposing player walk in and pick up the rebound to put it in the net after I made that improbable stop. The goal shouldn’t take away from the effort made to make the initial stop.

What save was your favorite from this compilation video? Do you have a favorite save of your own from the last season?

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