Ice Jacks vs Northern Lights

The phone rang for the first time of the summer with the Ice Jacks looking for a filling for their summer MNWAHL game. I filled in with the Ice Jacks last summer when I helped win the MNWAHL summer league. They’re a solid team that I enjoy skating with. They play solid defense and held the opponent Northern Lights to only 16 shots. It was nice to walk away with a 7-2 victory.

It’s hard sometimes as a goalie to play in a game when your defense holds the opponent to so few shots. I’ve found it easier to get into a rhythm when peppered with shots. When you’re only seeing one or two shots every few minutes any minor mistake becomes a glaring mistake. How do you stay focused in games where you’re not seeing much action?

Despite not seeing much action my rebound control was solid. Not many rebounds popping back out into play, and when they were they were directed either away from danger to towards awaiting Ice Jacks defenders.

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