Yard Work

What’s a goalie to do in the summer not knowing when his next skate will be? Well, keeping the lawn looking good is always an option. Remember to hydrate though. (That home-brewed beer had a lot of head on it.)

Inspired by the old school Nike hockey commercials that showed goalies working menial jobs in full equipment because Nike equipment wearing superstars of the day had put them out of work inspired this video. I could have picked a better day to record the video though as it was about 95 and high humidity so I was sweating for about two hours after we were done filming. I wasn’t joking about the importance of hydrating.

About that home-brewed beer. It was a coffee stout kit picked up at Northern Brewer here in the Twin Cities. I’ve dubbed this beer Morning Skate Coffee Stout. It’s a recipe I’ve made more than once and really enjoy it. Any other home brewing goalies out there? What kind of setup do you have, and what is your favorite style to brew?

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