Hockey Finder Fill-In: Team Urtel vs Team LeBlanc

Another HockeyFinder.com fill-in last night in Blaine for me. I was able to play strong late in the game to hold onto the victory unlike last time I skated with this team where we came out with a tie. The team played well for the level they are at, they kept skating a full 60 minutes, and had good communication with each other throughout the game.

We won the game 7-4 as I stopped 31 shots. I had one rebound go right back to the shooter who was in close. As I’m falling to my stomach they shot the puck into the seemingly empty net only for me to reach back with my glove to stop it. Outside of that one bug save there was not much need for other big saves mostly accredited to my focus on proper positioning throughout the game and solid rebound control. There was one save I didn’t have to make as a rebound popped out to an undefended player behind me who had an open net, but he completely missed the net. I am still unsure how he missed.

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