HockeyFinder Fill-In: Team Urtel vs Team Haus

I filled in again for Team Urtel in the HockeyFinder.com Thursday night Blaine league this week. I hoped to build off last week’s victory, but allowing 5 goals on 5 shots early in the first period makes that tough. Maybe I should have taken a few more warmup shots?

I fought off the rough start and battled through a tough 10-4 loss. I did stop 33 pucks, and notched an assist, my third in the last calendar year, and fourth ever as a goalie. I’m not going to beat myself up over this game as some of the goals were nice goals, and the team was grateful I could help them out.

My buddy Landon from SotaStick.com was on the opposing team so we had a nice exchange before the game, but I tried by best, and was unsuccessful at keeping him of the scoresheet. There is a portion of the highlight video where everything is tilted after two players banged into the boards causing my camera mount to tilt. I was able to fix it between periods.


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