October Saves

October Saves

Pink GoalieThis season I’ve signed up to participate in the October Saves Goalie Challenge. The challenge began in 2014 with a hockey organization in Virginia.

October Saves asks net minders to gather pledges for each save they make during the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. Families, friends and teammates support them in this effort.

Proceeds benefit several amazing pediatric and women’s cancer research facilities as well as The October Saves/Goalie Guild scholarship fund.

While most people participating in October Saves are youth goaltenders, I choose to participate because cancer has touched my family more times than I like. My wife was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in September of 2001 (not a good month that year), my Mom with cancer in her kidney, Dad had prostate cancer, both grandfathers and a grandmother had some form of cancer either during their lives or it took them from us.

To say the least, I know what cancer can do to a family. The October Saves Goalie Challenge is a small way that I can help a larger organization to raise money to help with research, and help those currently inflicted.

So how does the challenge work?

If you choose to donate you can pledge for each save I make in the month of October, or pledge a flat rate. If you pledge based on how many saves I make, it is simple – if you pledge $1 for every save, and I make 100 saves in the month you pay $100. It looks like I’ll play seven to eight games in October, and have averaged about 39 saves a game.

So pledge in my name, visit the October Saves Goalie Challenge website, and where it says ‘Find a Goalie’ type in my name, Joe Drennan, in the search bar.

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