Product Review: Outsider Straps

My first goalie mask was a ProMasque with a hinged back that left the backplate open. I had the mask painted in my high school’s colors, and got a helmet sticker from the school’s football coach to put on that backplate. That helmet sticker would have been completely covered if the mask had a traditional five-point harness we’re used to seeing on goalie masks. When I bought my new Bauer NME8 mask last winter I started daydreaming about how I’d have it painted. I saw a photo of Devan Dubnyk’s all-star game mask, and it had these straps that left the backplate open. A little searching led me to Goalie Parts Outsider Straps.

I quickly ordered the straps purely for aesthetic reasons. Once they arrived I replaced the harness for the straps, then tried my mask on to make sure it was still fitting properly. That’s when I was really surprised by the Outsider Straps. My helmet was more comfortable, and seemed to fit better.

I’m no engineer, but my guess for the added comfort and better fit has to do with the fact that each strap acts independently, and isn’t impacted by the pull of the other straps as is the case with the harness.

The other great thing about the straps was the intended purpose for ordering them – I can use the backplate for other things, like my Washed Up Goalie sticker. Now my mask doesn’t only fit better and more comfortable, but I’m able to show a little personality with helmet sticker, and have room to have others as I obtain them.


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